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About Us


“Words flow in our veins like blood in yours…”

Indian Magic Eye is a multi-faceted design & media company in India. 
We are a one-stop solution to the media requirements of a company. We are a digital agency, event management company, audio-visual production house, as well as content and television producer. With a team of creative content writers, we have successfully flared in the content creation for Television, Televised events, Films, Theatricals, as well as Web series. Thus, we are not only TV content producers but we also have a film content writing production house. Our approach and expertise have let us create content for children as well as adults in the fields of thriller, education, humour, and drama. We believe that content is the heart and soul of every event and with precision, there could be great video content for our amazing audience. The content produced by us at IMEPL has been embedded in the hearts of our viewers through various mediums of media!



IMEPL is a leading TV serial production house operating from Pune Mumbai. We are known for presenting unique Marathi TV serials with an equal balance of entertainment and social message.

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Televised Events

IMEPL has a quirky hand when it comes to conceptualizing content for televised events. Be it as musical as Mirchi Awards or as entertaining as MATA Sanman, our content has always been loved by the audience and performers.

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IMEPL Films was incorporated in 2012 as a division to enter into the mainstream cinema. We aim to drive our films with the perfect blend of content and entertainment in varied genres.

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IMEPL aims to Bring awe-inspiring theatrical productions to life. With the thirst of venturing into theatricals, we launched our theatre division in 2018.

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Web Series

IMEPL has actively shown its creativity in the content production for a web series. The beginning of writing content in the web series commenced from the series YOLO- You Only Live Once.

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Our Experties :

We are supported by pool of renowned talent & complete resources to fulfil all the stages:

  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post-Production
  • A comprehensive database of known artists, semi-known artists, experienced technicians, junior artists and locations.

Our Experties :

  • Fiction Shows
  • Non-Fiction Shows
  • Telenovelas’
  • Literature-Based Shows
  • Commercial Plays
  • Events - Award Functions, Felicitations, music concerts and many more
  • Game Shows
  • Advertiser-Funded Programs
  • Quiz Shows
  • Differential Content For Children
  • Fillers And More


IME logo

Indian Magic Eye is a multi-faceted design & media company in India. We primarily function as a digital agency, event management company, audio-visual production house and content & television producers.

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